Mindfulness Meditations

The COMMA Guided Meditation

The COMMA guided meditation is a short meditation to help you STOP and RESET your mind at any point of the day. In under 5min you will be able to let go of your personal or professional worries, feel refreshed and get back to your day with renewed energy.

I strongly recommend this meditation as a great distractor and pattern breaker when you feel angry, anxious or frustrated (at work or with a loved one) and you risk saying or doing something that might complicate the situation even further.

This meditation does not require you to lie down on the floor. Just go to a quiet space take a few deep breaths and follow the instructions. It can also be done as many times as you need during the day.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The BODY SCAN Guided Meditation

The BODY SCAN is the perfect guided meditation to slowly learn how to listen to your physical body and respond to what it is telling you.

Remember that your thoughts create your emotions, and your emotions, particularly the negative ones, can have a strong impact on your physical wellbeing. The most common symptoms of stress, anxiety and fear are back pain, headaches and muscular tension.

Though we don’t often realise, these physical symptoms are our bodies’ way of telling us that what we think and what we feel are not aligned with who we are.

Therefore, the body scan guided meditation, when practised regularly, can highlight areas of imbalance which can help us reflect on our own state of mind. What am I going through in life right now that might be affecting how I feel? What negative thoughts am I repeating in my head? What negative emotions am I feeling as a result? How can I shift my thought pattern so that I approach my current situation from a more empowering perspective? What can I do today to improve the quality of my thoughts, feelings and physical condition?

Rating: 5 out of 5.