Mindful Self-love workshops

The Mindful Self-love workshops are designed for people who want to learn how to tap into their endless inner pool of self-love, positivity and intuition and develop a more intimate, respectful and values-focused relationship with themselves.

Mindfulness exercises are guided activities that help focus the mind on a specific object, sensation or idea. These guided activities are important training tools to teach your mind to follow instructions and concentrate on an internal activity for a prolonged period of time, something which most of us do not practice regularly. To put it differently, guided mindfulness activities are for the mind what working out at the gym with a personal trainer is for the body.

We will:

  • learn a range of breathing techniques to align our outer and inner selves
  • find our physical anchor so we can ground ourselves when faced with stress, anxiety or overwhelm
  • use a personal object such as prayer beads or an amulet when we need to take a break and regain mental focus
  • learn techniques to slow down your mind so you can accelerate results
  • learn to tune into, listen and and trust, your intuition when making important decisions

This is a customisable workshop depending on the group size and needs. It is available in English and Spanish.

Positively Empowered Workshops

The Positively Empowered Workshops are designed mainly, but not exclusively, for women who are living with the effects of traumatic experiences. These experiences tend to be gender-based violence, discrimination based on gender, race, sexuality or (dis)ability as well as lack of access to resources such as finances and education.

Empowering workshops will:

  • offer you a new perspective to turn self-blame into self-compassion
  • help you identify aspects of your culture, religion and beliefs that might make you more vulnerable and susceptible to unfair or unequal treatment in the future
  • help you establish new standards of living, thinking and feeling for yourself and for those you let into your life
  • help you develop daily habits and routines to foster more positive thinking as well as more trust in your abilities and in the Universe/God/ a Higher Power
  • shine a light on your own resourcefulness as a person and offer you a range of FREE educational tools to achieve your financial, academic and health goals

This is a customisable workshop depending on the group size and needs. It is available in English and in Spanish.

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